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9 Best Wooden Watches


In today’s fashion world, having a good sense of fashion is what matters. In this wearable technology era, watches are the statement pieces for enhancing your overall look. You should wear a classy watch every day to add that traditional grace to your face.

When we see the latest trending style, wooden watches lead the way because of their minimalistic and eco-friendly approach. Furthermore, according to Forbes, those who wear wooden watches tend to stay more productive and punctual at work throughout the day. There are so many reasons individuals buy wooden watches for themselves; the foremost reason is its sustainability. It means it is made from sustainably sourced wood. The second reason for buying its natural and unique look is relatively cheaper than those stainless steel watches. Moreover, it is so light in weight that it doesn’t create much pressure on your wrist, unlike those stainless steel watches, which make so much pressure onto your wrist.

Wooden watches are so versatile and can be worn by both men and women. Here are some top wooden watches that you and your coming generations will go to cherish for a lifetime.

Nine wooden watches

Noir wood watch from nine wooden watches is a perfect choice to express your elegance in your fashion preference.

  • It is made from the highest quality materials.
  • The tempering process is used to produce wood materials in this watch, minimizing the moisture contact with wood.
  • Suppose you want to make it a little personalized by engraving anything in your handwriting. In that case, you can do this because of its cool feature.
  • Another feature it provides is couple watches if you are really into those couple goals or want to have the same clocks.
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1. The minimalistic Ebony black – original grain

It is from the brand’s original grain. This watch is handcrafted using all the natural ebony wood mixed with 316L of stainless steel in black matte with a leather strap. It is a perfect combination of wood and steel with that ultra-slim minimalistic design.

  • It has mineral crystal glass.
  • The case size for it is 40mm.
  • And it is all made from natural ebony wood.
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2. Lux woods

Lux wood watches caught our attention due to their distinguished wood watch designs. And what makes them over the top is their thought behind using scrap wood pieces that would have been discarded and replanting more and more trees. For this cause, they also partnered with, whose primary goal is to plant billion of trees by 2025.

  • It is crafted with 316L of stainless steel.
  • The wood used is resistant to movement and warping because it’s highly stable, dense, and challenging.
  • It has a unique Seiko movement feature that does dual time + 24hr of time+ date.
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3. Sandalwood Swiss quartz watch

Sandalwood swish watch’s dial is a handcrafted wooden dial with stainless steel casing, versatile. It can go with your fancy and casual dresses. You can also make it personalized by engraving your personal information on the underside of the stainless steel casing.

  • It is from the brand prop wood, and the case size is 44mm.
  • It has stainless steel casing with 316L of grade.
  • Moreover, it is water-resistant.
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4. Tense watch Labrador

It is a little different from other watches because of its square shape with rounded corners. Even though they are made in minimalistic design, but they still stand out.

  • It is made from walnut wood.
  • It is completely hypoallergenic
  • It’s from the brand tense with a case size of 40mm.
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5. Tree hut walnut burl small for women’s

Finding a perfect minimalistic wooden watch for women might get challenging, but this piece from tree hut is all you want.

  • It has all wood casing and dial.
  • It has a soft leather strap with stainless steel buttons.
  • You have a choice of black and blue leather stitching also.
  • It is made in San Francisco and is handmade.
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6. Analog watch co.

It is an authentic wooden watch with stainless steel finishing, and it is the world’s first soft and bendable wood strap. The key features and specifications of this watch are:

  • It’s from the brand analog watch co.
  • And the model is Makore, and red sanders watch.
  • It is made with silver finishing, and its case size is 41mm.
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7. Tru wood- expedition

It has a sophisticated and straightforward style which gives it a minimalistic look. Still, the light olive zebra wood enhances its overall look. It has dark streaks running through the light, highlighting the grains and making them pop out of your wrist.

  • The casing and straps are of olive zebra wood.
  • Its Japanese quartz
  • The case size is 40mm with 12 months of warranty.
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8. Kerbholz- gitta sandalwood

Kerbholz wood products are all stamped with forest stewardship council seal. The case and strap are hand crafted with circular dial brushed with round metal, giving it a unique look and the contrast of metal to wood strikes the most.

  • It is handmade from natural sandalwood
  • Coated with sapphire mineral glass
  • And it’s water-resistant also
  • The case size for this watch is 43 mm.
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9. Spinnaker

It is made from the two best materials, which are 316L stainless steel and rosewood. The design of this watch is inspired by serene Sorrento, which is the gateway to the beautiful Amalfi coast of Italy.

  • The case diameter for this one is 43mm.
  • It is designed and made for daily wear use.
  • It has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.
  • And the mechanical movement can also be seen through the glass bottom.

Purchasing a wooden watch for yourself or someone you want to gift marks a remarkable impression about your personality and fashion style. Furthermore, it’s made from natural wood, which means saving the ecosystem by using eco-friendly products.

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