Fuzzy Crocs – Are Fur Lined Crocs a Better Choice Than Slippers This Winter?


Fuzzy Crocs are a very popular type of shoe because of their ease of wearing nature. They have a fun shape and relaxing disposition that kids and adults love. Its structure and design make it usable for everyone. Most people consider using them in summer as they are very relaxing to wear.

However, other options that people are unaware of are fuzzy crocs, which come with fur. These Lined crocs for women, men, and kids are available in range of sizes and designs.  This fur makes it a perfect choice for the winter as well.

In this article, you will find whether fur-lined crocs are a better choice than slippers this year or not

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What are Fuzzy Crocs?

Crocs with fur are the most important winter shoes to keep your feet warm and cozy. Furry crocs interior side has a line of fur that makes it more comfortable to wear. It also creates warmth that make it the best winter croc. Its exterior part is similar to the hard part as summer croc. They are very comfortable to wear and have a low heel and holes on the top for breathing. It also has a back strap for more support.

At first, these were used only as summer shoes. Recently, with the addition of fur, these comfortable shoes have become a very good option in the winter. And due to this reason, they have become very common and trendy. The company made these simple and comforting shoes almost two decades ago, in 2002.

But currently, in 2021, they have become very common. Today, it has become so trendy that very famous personalities and celebrities wear it too and these shoes are on everyone’s feet. Around 90 countries are using these lined crocs.

Advantages of Fur-Lined Crocs

These fur lined crocs with the fur inside have many benefits with few disadvantages. The good thing about fuzzy crocs is that they are made from artificial hair and not actual sheepskin or other animals, which is beneficial for vegans or those who don’t want to use animal products.

They can easily use this comforting fur without any worry. Another benefit of using this is that these are unisex products. This means it is designed in a way that anyone can wear it, either man, woman, boy, or girl. They also come with too many colors where you can select your favorite one as they include white, black, silver, pink, red, blue, and many more.

Moreover, fluffy crocs are a very good option for people with foot surgery as they cannot wear normal slippers in conditions that will be uncomfortable for them. Thus, people with such conditions or those who have walking problems will love these simple and comforting shoes, and they can easily wear them.

As these are very easy to wear, patients can easily put on and take off. Fur lining gives more luxurious feel that the patient needs after foot surgery or any other issue in feet and walking problems.

Besides using just, a house slipper, you can also use this relaxing shoe for office, meeting, or a walk. It is designed in a way that it seems informal house wear slippers as well as formal office wear with comforting nature inside.

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Disadvantages of Fur-Lined Crocs

As nothing is perfect and everything has its downsides, too, so is the case with fur-lined crocs with fur inside. First of all, they are non-removable, and due to this nature, we cannot wash them properly when they get dirty or smelly. Even Though we can wash them with some care, it will be a very inconvenient and tough process without cleaning them properly. 

Secondly, we could have an advantage if they were removable. In a way, we can use them all year round in winter with the fur, and in summer without it, by putting in and taking off the fur, we can use one pair all year.

However, due to this limitation, we have to buy two different pairs of crocs for different seasons. Moreover, crocs are supposed to be breathable as they are comfortable and easy to wear shoes. They also have holes on the upper side, but the lining of fur makes them less breathable.

Lastly, the other issue is that the lining of fur gets flat with constant use, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear.  

Buying Tips

No doubt shopping has become a tougher job these days as there are thousands of varieties available in the market of the same kind, same is for the fluffy crocs. Different brands and their replicas are available. And when you have to buy one product from those of the thousands available, it becomes very difficult to choose.

There are so many questions that arise in our minds before buying any product or shoes like crocs with fur. These questions are like why should I buy it? Is it worth enough to buy? etc. Thus, to solve your confusion and make it short and easier for you, here are some tips given below that one must keep in mind before buying furry crocs These are: 

Brand Value And The Product

Before buying the lined crocs, it is very important to check the value of the brand. See if the brand is worth enough to buy. Such as, are people buying this brand and appreciating it? Is it a well-known brand in the market? If yes, then you can definitely go for it.

Speciation And The Product‘s Feature

One must see the specifications and features like size, color, etc., and then choose it as per your need so that you don’t have to worry later, so check it properly before buying. There are almost 14 colors available of fur-lined crocs with fur inside. You can choose Black croc with fur if you want a decent color that also goes for every suit. You can also choose white croc with fur if you want a light color.

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Quality, Durability, and the Product‘s Shelf Life

It is very important to choose the best quality of fluffy crocs and don’t get deceived by fake products. See if the product has some set standards that best suits it.

Reviews and the Customer Ratings

Before buying it, see the ratings and read the reviews carefully that consumers have left. These reviews are very important as it is not the company itself who are just promoting their products but the consumers themselves who had bought the product and now just sharing their experiences. If the product is good, it will be mentioned in the reviews, or in case it is spoiled, that will also be mentioned, so after reading these reviews, you will be clear enough either to buy it or not.

Warranty and Product‘s Costing  

Warranty is mostly given for the costly products, and if not in some cases, then please don’t buy costly things without a warranty. And if the warranty is available, then just don’t be worried about the cost because in this way you will remain away from getting spoiled things, and if in case you get one, you can easily return as per warranty policy. Moreover, if you want the croc sandals that have longer durability then opt for the best quality that has some warranty mentioned. 


In a nutshell, it is clear whether you like it or not, but these crocs with fur are very trendy these days. And you can choose fluffy crocs this winter as they provide ease with warmth. You have become well aware of fuzzy crocs womens, men, and the kids; its benefits and limitations are also discussed. So you can buy it as per your choice after reading this. Some buying tips are also discussed that you must have a glance at before buying; they will surely help you a lot.  

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