How Do You Soften Oxford Shirts?


Oxford shirts are a popular type of dress shirt. They are made from heavier cotton than other dress shirt fabrics, and they have a stiffer texture. As a result, they are harder to wear and iron.

I have a few OCBDs that are a bit shabby in texture and feel. According to what I’ve read, giving it a three-day soak in saltwater will do wonders for it. This hasn’t been done yet. Do you have to wear it a lot to break it in, or do you need to wash it like normal?

After a few months of wearing them, I’ve noticed that regular washing hasn’t done much to improve their appearance

When new, OCBDs have a rough, almost canvas-like feel, softening with wear and washing. Oxford shirts that look worn in are famous for this very reason.

Natural fabric softeners are available. It’s not denim, so avoid the saltwater bath. Because of your carelessness, you’ll end up with a ruined shirt and buttons.

There is no actual change in the fabric when you use fabric softener. They’ll lose their hardness with time. In addition, the OP is referring to oxford cloth rather than denim.

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Why Some Dress Shirts Feel Scratchy?

A well-tailored suit is only one part of a well-coordinated formal ensemble. You must also wear a dress shirt of the same quality. It makes a great formal outfit and enhances your appearance when paired with a well-fitting suit. Not all men’s dress shirts have the same level of softness and comfort.

For an eight-hour shift, some dress shirts’ rough or scratchy texture may cause severe pain. Do you know what makes dress shirts scratchy?

Low Thread Count

Often, scratchy-feeling dress shirts are made of low-thread-count cotton (or other fabrics). Dress shirts are available in various thread counts, just like bedsheets and linens.

The “thread count” is the total number of threads used in constructing a dress shirt. The more threads per square inch of fabric in a dress shirt, the higher the thread count.The more threads per square inch of fabric in a dress shirt, the higher the thread count. Because there are fewer threads in a low-thread-count shirt, it will feel rough and scratchy to the touch.

It’s New

Because they haven’t been worn before, new dress shirts tend to feel rough or scratchy. If you bought your dress shirt recently and haven’t worn or washed it yet, this could explain why it has a scratchy feel. You should wash and dry your new dress shirts before wearing them out. It will become softer and less scratchy after being washed.

If your dress shirt can be machine washed, be sure to check the care label. You can’t wash something that says “dry clean only” unless you want to ruin it. Dry cleaning services are available in your area. Traditional dress shirts can be machine washed, but some need to be cleaned.

A new dress shirt can be damaged if you don’t follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

It’s Made Of A Synthetic Fabric

Polyester and polyester blends are more likely than cotton or linen to have a scratchy feel when worn as a dress shirt. It is well-known that synthetic fabrics are manufactured. They’re not natural or organic.

To put it another way, synthetic fabrics are manufactured. When deciding between an organic and synthetic dress shirt, there are some benefits to the synthetic option. To begin with, shirts made of synthetic fabrics tend to be water- and moisture-resistant.

Unlike organic fabrics, you can stretch the material without damaging it with synthetic fabric dress shirts. For those who plan on purchasing a dress shirt made of synthetic fabric, keep in mind that it may be a bit scratchy.

It’s Suffering From Static Cling

Static cling can cause dress shirts to feel a little rough. Static electricity causes a dress shirt or other garment to bulge out of its usual shape. A dress shirt to discharge the static electricity has built up, and it must be rubbed against another piece of clothing.

When your dress shirt is positively charged with static electricity, it will attract dirt, hair, and other debris. Your shirt’s surface becomes scratchy and less comfortable to wear as these items build up over time. When protecting your dress shirts from static cling, dryer sheets are a great option.

Place a dryer sheet inside the drum when drying a dress shirt. Alternatively, you can use a dryer sheet to remove static electricity from your dress shirt.

It should be softer and more comfortable to wear once the static electricity has been removed.

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You’re Using The Wrong Laundry Detergent

Your dress shirt’s texture may be affected by the laundry detergent you use to clean it. The fabric of your shirt will become scratchy if you wash it with a cheap detergent.

Buy high-quality laundry detergent, not cheap, low-quality detergent, to save a few dollars. Spend the extra money on a high-quality laundry detergent to protect your dress shirt from premature aging. Your shirt’s texture will not only be preserved, but it will also be less likely to fade, making it an excellent investment.

It’s Too Dry

A scratchy feeling can occur if your dress shirt is overly dry. Even if this is the case, it does not necessitate soaking your dress shirt first. Instead, dress shirts should be stored in a climate-controlled environment with easy humidity control.

Keeping your dress shirt in a relaxed, dry environment with low humidity will cause some water vapor to escape. As a result of this, your dress shirt will eventually become dry and itchy.

A humidity level of between 40 and 50 percent might be used to keep your dress shirt from drying out.

You Aren’t Using A Fabric Softener

When washing your dress shirt, use a fabric softener to help it last longer between washes. Most laundry detergents can be used in conjunction with fabric softeners. To soften a collared shirt, add a small amount of fabric softener to your washing machine.

Vinegar is a natural alternative if you don’t have fabric softener and must wash your dress shirt right away. One cup of distilled white vinegar will soften and remove the scratchy texture from your dress shirt.

It’s Poorly Made

Finally, poor-quality dress shirts have a scratchy feel. It’s possible a dress shirt has a low thread count or was poorly made.

Regardless, scratchy or rough textures are standard in low-quality dress shirts. Purchase a high-quality, premium dress shirt made by a well-known brand if you’re concerned about a scratchy texture.

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