How Do You Style Oxford Shirts?


Oxford Cloth Button Down, or the OCBD was, known in the fashion world, is a timeless menswear piece. As one of our most versatile shirts, it’s a must-have for any wardrobe. Due to its suitability for today’s more relaxed work environment, the Peter Manning Weekend Oxford continues to be a best seller.

To clarify, “button-down” refers to the collar’s buttoned-down style. As a result, it’s impossible to dress this shirt up or down. Many people use the term “button-down” interchangeably with any shirt with buttons running the length of the front of the shirt, which is incorrect. Any shirt that isn’t a pullover falls into this category, known as a button-up shirt.

Oxford Shirts are generally known as the best shirts in the world. They are very comfortable and have a classic look that will never go out of style. Untucked Weekend Oxfords are available in four solid colors. We’ve incorporated black and burgundy into the classic white and blue color scheme for a more contemporary look.

How to Wear an Oxford Shirt?

Focus on building a wardrobe that you can wear in multiple settings. You can save both time and money by using items like Oxford. A great blue oxford button-down shirt is the ultimate workhorse item for anyone who needs something to work and play hard (also known as the OCBD). Oxford shirts are a man’s go-to shirt for client meetings to football games.

With A Casual Suit & Derbys

A business suit may look odd with an Oxford, but it looks fantastic with a casual suit, which isn’t meant to be worn to the office.

As less is more casual, you can use shorter lapels or jackets with short sleeves, and short trouser breaks to form a dress. A knit or a cotton tie is the obvious choice if you wear a casual suit and Oxford. Alternatively, by undoing the top two buttons on your shirt, you can go tieless. Compared to three or four, one looks a little more “buttoned up.” Also, if you’d rather not wear a pocket square, you can opt for a bright and cheery puff fold instead.

Pick an Oxford in the same patterns and colors as a dress shirt, like light blue, white, or those colors and stripes. Don’t go overboard if you’re going for something a little more fun, like striped or checkered Oxfords.

Chambray is a great option if you’re going tieless because of its casual look.

If you’re wearing a pair of Derby shoes to a formal event, avoid black by opting for brown, oxblood, or tan. The addition of broguing will also contribute to their informality.

With A Sports Jacket, Jeans, And Monk Strap Shoes

As long as your jeans are reasonable, you can wear an Oxford. A dark, neutral color like black or indigo is ideal, and they should be well-fitted and undisturbed.

They are versatile shoes that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. They should not be black, but brown, oxblood, or burgundy are fine, and they look great with jeans.

The options for sports jackets are virtually endless, with materials like tweed, velvet, corduroy, and a wide range of colors to choose from.

Use the men’s color wheel to ensure that your shirt and jacket match.

Don’t mix two bright colors or patterns.

It’s best to keep the shirt’s pattern on the smaller side when wearing a similarly-patterned jacket.

The tweed jacket is an exception, as the pattern is more of a textured weave on the jacket. It’s appropriate to wear it with a wide-striped shirt.

With Jeans And Boots

When purchasing jeans, keep in mind that they should be well-fitted but not distressed. The jeans play an essential supporting role in this ensemble, but the Oxford (and possibly the boots) are the main attraction. Ratty jeans don’t look right with an Oxford shirt.

Black or white Oxfords are perfect when you want to go for a classic look (white with black jeans looks fantastic.) Opt for more striking hues, such as deep and rich shades of red and other warm hues like plum purple and chocolate brown, rather than the traditional “dress shirt” pastels. To avoid looking too similar, wear dark blue with black jeans.

Chelsea and brogue boots look best in simple colors and patterns, whereas plaid-like work boots look better in bolder colors and patterns.

Your belt should correspond to the formality and color of your boots. If you’re wearing work boots, get a wide, rugged belt.

Weekend Oxford and Chinos

Chinos and an Oxford-cloth shirt are easy-to-wear options if you want to take a break from your denim. Chinos look great with a casual weekend Oxford and wear an understated Weekend Oxford with your brighter chinos. If you’re going for a statement piece, keep the rest of your ensemble simple.

With Black Jeans

Wearing the Weekend Oxford with black jeans takes a look from preppy to more casual. You’re ready for a city adventure if you pair this outfit with some rugged boots.

Under a V-Neck Sweater

A V-neck sweater and a button-down collar give off a relaxed but polished vibe. A V-neck sweater and button-down collars keep everything tidy below the neck, while the blazer adds just the right sexiness.

With Shorts

A plain T-shirt might not suffice in some situations, such as a first date in the summertime, when you want to wear shorts. The Weekend Oxford comes in handy in this situation. Keep your arms rolled up to keep cool. An important message to convey is that you’re making an attempt but not pushing yourself too hard.

How Do You Wear an Oxford Button-Down Shirt?

You can wear Oxfords on all but the most formal of occasions. Our Premium Dress Shirts are the obvious choice if you work in a more traditional office setting. This Weekend Oxford can become an Any Day of the Week Oxford for creativity or work in a modern tech firm.

Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirts for Shorter Men

We also believe that the foundation is a proper fit. If you want to avoid looking like you’re wearing an untucked shirt, opt for Oxfords with shorter sleeves and body lengths.

Final Thoughts

The Oxford shirt is one of the most well-made garments in the world. Almost any outfit will look great with it, and it’s appropriate for any occasion.

Oxford shirts come in a wide range of colors, making them versatile enough to be worn for any occasion.

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