How Do You Wash Oxford Cloth Shirt?



Oxford Shirts are considered one of the essential parts of professional individuals. Mainly, working men and women regularly prefer wearing oxford dress shirts with blazers at their workplaces.

Similarly, wearing these shirts for long hours means they get dirty. Whereas, by doing a proper cleaning and care one can continue wearing these beautiful shirts for next couple of years. Well, if you are among those who don’t know how to care for and wash the oxford shirts, then pay attention here. Read this brief guide on “How do you wash oxford cloth shirt” and uncover much-needed information.

Is Oxford Fabric Washable?

Before jumping on the process of washing oxford shirts, let’s clarify some critical relevant points. First, do most people come with questions like Is oxford fabric washable?Can you machine wash oxford cloth? Well, the answer is straightforward, yes the fabric is washable. You can wash oxford fabric in a washing machine and ideally clean it. It’s pretty effortless to maintain and care for the oxford cloth and is likely to hold its shape. However, you must iron the cloth after the laundry process to make it look more appealing.

How Do You Wash Oxford Cloth? Quick Points to Remember

Apart from shirts, you must own curtains, bedsheets or other things that consist of oxford cloth. You should know essential points about washing oxford cloth to keep them all on point for long years. To clean the oxford fabric ideally, you need to look at some basic information. Check out:

  • The oxford cloth is delicate that can quickly fade, so it’s better to avoid putting supplies like fluorescent or bleach.
  • Make sure you use less detergent for removing stubborn stains and spots. The strong detergent can damage the cloth’s quality and look unpleasant.
  • It’s always better to use a nonabrasive brush to remove stains from oxford cloth, especially if you are handwashing it. The abrasive and harsh brush can damage the threads of fabric.
  • Consider washing it in the machine, as it is a safe and quick way to clean it.
  • Use cold water for soaking oxford cloth.
  • It’s better to dry the oxford fabric in a semi-shaded area. Avoid hanging clothes under the direct sun, as sunlight can fade the fabric’s color.
  • When washing oxford cloth, it’s better to add some white vinegar or salt in the clear water. After that, dip the cloth in the water for not more than half an hour and keep it out. Soaking in the vinegar or salty water can remove all tough stains effortlessly and clean the fabric ideally.

How To Wash Oxford Shirts?

When it’s about washing the oxford dress shirts, there are numerous helpful ways to consider. Scroll down and see the best methods of washing oxford shirts.

Clean by Using Washing Machine

If you own some cotton oxford shirts, the best way is to wash them in the washing machine. It’s essential to unbutton all the shirt buttons before throwing them into the machine. After that, use spot treatment detergents to remove stubborn stains. Always try to wash your light-colored shirts on the delicate cycle along with hot water. However, for washing dark-colored shirts, use cold water. It’s mandatory to pay attention to the detergent you are using. Always best to spend a bit extra dollars on high-quality and safe detergent that cannot fade your oxford shorts and are strong enough to clean the stains.

Dry-Clean the Oxford Dress Shirts

It is the most acceptable method to clean the oxford dress shirts. However, it costs you a bit more expensive. Also, you require to spend a little more time dry cleaning the shirts. Primarily, oxford shirts are manufactured with cotton, are easy to wash, and don’t require dry cleaning. Professionals recommend washing the cotton oxford shirts in the machine or washing at home rather than spending money and time on dry cleaning. Fabrics like silk or wool are most likely best for dry cleaning purposes.

Hand-Wash It

The handwashing method is quite time-consuming and demands a lot of human effort. However, people who are aged and weak should not try this method. Instead, they should go for dry cleaning or machine washing methods. Also, the results of hand wash may not be impressive as you get when washing the clothes ion machine. However, if you don’t own a washing machine, hand washing is the most inexpensive way to consider. After washing, pay attention to the drying process also. You will have to hang the shirts in a semi-shaded area manually.

How to Clean the Collar?

Take a non-abrasive brush and put some detergent on it. Then try cleaning the collar and removing stains by rubbing the brush. If necessary, add more detergent and wash the collar with clean water after scrubbing. The collar will get cleaned, and you can observe the clean and clear oxford shirt.

Tips to Maximize Dress Shirt Life

  1. It’s better to remove the tough stains from the collar and other shirt areas before ironing and washing. If you don’t do this, the stains will negatively impact your personality.
  2. Don’t ever leave a dirty white shirt in the hamper for long hours before washing. It can cause you a yellow collar, and also, the shirt fabric can get destroyed.
  3. It’s always essential for you to point out the stains and spots on the shist to the cleaner so that he can clean accordingly.
  4. Ironing a shirt properly can give your shirt a new and fresh look and maintain its beauty.

How to Dry the Oxford Shirts?

After washing the oxford shirts properly, it’s essential to dry them perfectly so that the shorts can last longer. The best way to dry the shirts is to hang them in the hanger rather than putting in the dry machine. Hanging the shirts in a hanger makes fewer wrinkles and shrinking, whereas the machine drying will cause more.

Should I Use Starch When the Shirt Is Pressed?

Many people like to have their shirts starched, whereas professionals do not recommend it. Starch can help appear crisper in oxford clo;th and broadcloth and damage the cloth. In addition, the starch material is quite harmful; it breaks down the fibers and makes your clothes look unpleasant.

How Many Times Can You Wash a Shirt?

Wash your shorts when you think it’s looking dirty or smell unpleasant. It would help if you did not wash a shirt after every wear. Washing the shirt frequently can make the short old in less time and damage the fabric’s quality.

Should You Button Shirts Before Washing?

No, it’s not required to button the shirts before putting them into the washing machine. If you button the shirts and then insert them into the machine, it can loosen the threads around the buttonholes and stretch them out. However, it’s mandatory to take time and unbutton the shirts before washing them in the washer.

That’s all about “how do you wash oxford cloth.” Hope you find this article helpful and try to follow all the said information. If you come up with any other relevant queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section below; we will try to get back to you.

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