How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should A Woman Have In Her Closet?


Someone recently asked me how many pairs of jeans a woman should own.

To get to the bottom of this question, I went into heavy KonMari mode (which was easy because I usually do a once-a-season closet purge/organization to simplify my life and wardrobe).

Is it possible to have too many pairs of jeans?

For many of us, jeans are an essential wardrobe staple, but how many do you need, and what is the ‘average’ amount of jeans in your closet?

According to research published by Fashion United, women own an average of 7 pairs of jeans, while men own an average of 6 pairs, but we only wear 4 of them.

So, why do so many of us have more pairs of jeans than we truly need or wear?

This could be due to a variety of factors. Weight fluctuation implies that some of us have jeans in several sizes, so we’ll choose the jeans we wear based on whether we’ve gained or lost weight.

Mums who have just had infants, or anyone who has gained weight for whatever reason, may have a few pairs of too-small jeans stashed away in the back of the wardrobe, hoping that they will fit one day again!

Similarly, if you’re trying to gain weight, you might have a pair of larger-size jeans that you’re hoping to fit into one day.

What else may account for the average seven pairs of jeans if weight swings aren’t to blame?

Straight leg and boot-cut jeans have become less fashionable in recent years, while skinny and relaxed fit jeans have grown in popularity, so another reason for jean hoarding could be changing in styles; perhaps you have an old pair of much-loved boot-cut jeans you’re holding on to until they become fashionable again?

Let’s start with the number of pairs of jeans or pants people own.

Women possess seven pairs of jeans on average, while men own six pairs, according to Fashion United in the UK and MagForWomen in the US, with roughly two pairs of jeans purchased per person every year (Source). Is this the correct phone number for you?

I believe there are far too many, and here’s why.

How Many Pairs of Jeans or Pants Do I Need?

Your budget, lifestyle, and whether you wear jeans at work or home should be all factor into how many pairs of jeans you own. Because there is no “one size fits all” answer to this topic, I’ll try to assist you in finding the best answer for YOU.

Spending less money on jeans implies having less. Furthermore, it is much easier for me to get dressed when I have fewer options. Therefore it makes sense to try to develop a solution with as few options as possible.

Why Do You Only Need 6 Pairs of Shoes?

One of the most critical considerations in determining how many articles you should own is how often you wash your clothes. Most individuals wash their clothes once a month, at the very least. According to a report released by Levi’s in 2015, the good news is those washing jeans every ten years is recommended. Even the CEO of Levi’s said that he hadn’t washed his jeans in over a decade!

Because the fabric of a pair of jeans is thicker than that of a T-shirt, you won’t have to worry about bacteria unless you work in a dirty or dusty workplace.

Even if you only wash your clothes once a month, you could get by with three pairs of jeans.

So, how many pairs of jeans should you own? It all depends on how much style variety you desire in your life. You could get away with three pairs of jeans, but depending on how often you wear jeans at work, I recommend 5-6 pairs.

If you go to work in your jeans (recommendation: 5 or 6 pairs)

I would recommend up to six pairs of jeans if you wear jeans to work or the office. You may dress up your outfit with a more classic pointed-toe pump or fancy flat when combined with the proper top or cardigan. If you wear jeans to work, here is my recommendation for how many pairs of jeans you should have:

Jeans that are dressed up (1 or 2 pairs)

If you can wear jeans to work daily, dressy jeans are ideal. They are comfy while maintaining a professional appearance. A slim or boot cut in a medium to darker wash combined with a stylish top will suffice for most business scenarios. If your workplace is informal, you can rotate between your dress jeans and a black or white pair of jeans (see below for information), or even a pair of casual jeans.

Jeans for everyday wear (1 pair, or two pairs if your work is very casual)

(My Friday work + spirit wear jeans) Everyday casual Jeans are your standard blue jeans. I prefer slim-to-boot cut pants that are cropped at the ankle and can be rolled up in the spring and summer with adorable sandals or boots in the fall and winter.

These are the jeans I wear on weekends when I’m not living in yoga pants and running errands in the city or visiting friends for an afternoon coffee. I aim to keep it in a varied style/color so that it may be worn with a variety of shoes and outfits.

Jeans that are easy to wear (1 pair)

Comfortable jeans are the most comfortable pair to wear around the house or on casual shopping trips around town.

Jeans in black (1 pair)

Black jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If I dress up the rest of my outfit, I can get away with wearing black jeans to work. Black jeans are a no-brainer when it comes to running errands, hanging out, or dating outfits.

Jeans in white (1 pair)

If you don’t work in a hectic or dusty setting, you can wear white jeans on summer date evenings or occasionally at work.

Here are two tips I advocate while wearing jeans to work, depending on your workplace:

A conventional cut in a medium to dark rinse is ideal for a tailored professional outfit (think: skinny, bootcut, or straight leg)

Distressing is minimal to non-existent (rips, decorations, and needlework are not permitted in most jobs!).

If you usually wear jeans at home and on days off (Recommendation: up to 5 pairs of jeans)

If you’re in the same boat as me, I’d recommend 5-6 pairs. On your days off, you probably wear jeans to run errands (sorry, yoga pants), explore the city, or for a dressier dinner date night. It’s a good idea to divide your jeans into the following groups or scenarios:

Jeans for everyday wear (1 pair)

These are the jeans I wear on weekends while running errands in the city or catching up with friends for a cup of coffee. I recommend choosing a flexible color that can be used with various outfits.

Jeans that are dressed up (1 pair)

My most costly and well-polished pair of jeans is my Dressy pair. These are appropriate for date nights or formal dinner gatherings with the ladies.

Alternatively, for people who can wear jeans to work regularly. A traditional night on the town style is a slim or boot cut in a darker wash combined with a lovely blouse, black leather jacket, and a pointed toe pump.

What’s Your Favorite “Chilling at Home” Movie? Jeans that are easy to wear (1 pair)

Comfortable jeans are the most relaxed and have a straight cut, making them ideal for housework, grocery shopping, or a weekend trip to Home Depot for my next DIY project.

Jeans in black (1 pair)

Black jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be easily dressed up or down. My favorite pair has just the proper stretch and structure, making them feel almost like yoga pants. When it comes to doing errands, hanging out, or going out on a date, black jeans are a safe bet.

One pair of white jeans (optional)

A summer wardrobe must-have is a pair of white jeans. When you discover that perfect pair of white jeans (not too tight or see-through), combine them with a gorgeous tank top and sandals for a casual summer Bbq look or a flowing top for those summer date nights.

There is no correct answer to how many pairs of jeans one should own. Whether you wear jeans to work every day or only on weekends, maybe these strategies will help you simplify your wardrobe!

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