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People say that you can judge the personality of a person by looking at their shoes. This means your choice and tidiness in shoes matter incredibly if you want to look impressive and elegant. And you are not even done by just buying a good pair of shoes, and you have to keep them clean. But, how to clean white canvas shoes?

Talking about trends, white canvas shoes are a win-win option for almost any type of look, formal or casual. But is also that clean white canvas shoes are necessary to avoid a lazy and untidy appearance. We can’t even protect the cleanliness of white canvas shoes by trying harder because the white color is stained so easily. It’s tough to take time to clean our shoes every other day or even on alternate days. So looking for the easiest and quickest way to clean white canvas shoes is a necessity.

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Things Required to Clean the Canvas Shoes at Home

Getting your shoes for service to a laundry or dry cleaning, again and again, can be a bit heavy on your pockets. The best way is to clean your white canvas shoes at home using some straightforward and fast steps feasibly for anyone to apply. How to clean white canvas shoes at home is the question you will have the answer to just after going to the guide of steps mentioned later here.

There are only a couple of things you need to make available for cleaning white canvas shoes.

  • Cleansing Foam (Any brand is fine; the one already present at home will save money)
  • Tissue paper or a thick, smooth piece of fabric
  • A lightening or bleaching agent (conditional, when required)
  • A small brush (even an old one will do fine for cleaning white canvas shoes)
  • Regular Vinegar (1 tablespoon – Normally used white one)
  • Baking Soda (3 tablespoons full will do good)

Most of these things are commonly used and present in almost every household, so do give a check before cleaning white canvas shoes if you already have them at home before heading to the supermarket right away.

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How to Clean Canvas Shoes at Home?

You might have come across a vast number of methods over how to clean white canvas shoes. Also, there are various steps available for each of such practices. But, not all of the are worth trying. One needs to know how to clean canvas shoes without ruining them. Hence, the most simple, accessible, and quick steps to cleanly brighten your white canvas shoes are mentioned here.

Learn how to clean canvas shoes with baking soda at home in few steps below.

Tap And Dust Out the Shoes

To clean the white canvas shoes, first, take out the laces from the white canvas shoes for a good cleaning and easily reach all spaces. Then, to dust the accumulated dirt and clay over the surface, get the canvas out of the house or door and tap them by striking their soles together. Next, try using a toothbrush or some little, smooth brush to wipe the white canvas surface and eliminate the dust on canvas shoes. Finally, do not forget to wipe the bottom sole and edges of the boots thoroughly.

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Brighten Up the Stains

Combine in a single pot to make a thick liquid of regular Vinegar and baking soda. Cover your brush with this viscous liquid and use it all over the surface of the canvas by brushing smoothly to clean up white canvas shoes having any dust spots or marks present. Leave the liquid to dry over the canvas shoes for proper cleaning. After it is entirely dried or hardened, rub away the significant parts and swab out the left-out parts of liquid with the help of smooth thick fabric or a tissue roll.

To deal with stiffer spots that do not move even a bit (like those from playgrounds), apply the bleaching or lightning agent over the marks and let it rest for about 5 minutes. Finally, the solution on white canvas shoes is cleaned up using warm water with a good cleaner or a washing powder.

Check For the Bottom-Line Stains

Get a hand on a cleaning foam, that dishwasher one, to clean up white canvas shoes for all the stiffer spots and lines of mud over the white bottom-line of the canvas. Dip that dishwasher foam into water and swab at every corner of the bottom line. Next, soak a decent piece of fabric or tissue into the water and clean the white canvas shoes using it. Make sure to wear the canvas after drying them entirely, or else they will start having a foul smell when used.

Following these three steps accurately will help you a lot. You will not have to think about how to clean white canvas shoes after trying this at least once before giving up at all.

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Quick And Easy Way To Clean Your White Canvas Shoes

The Washing Machine

Are you busy enough already to take out time for cleaning your white canvas shoes following proper steps? That’s okay! Many of the cloth canvases are machine-washable types. Precisely like the tips and process mentioned earlier, you should dampen the shoelaces into a baking soda and water solution before adding them into the washing machine to avoid sticking into the machine while cleaning the white canvas shoes.

  1. Put your white canvas for cleaning up into the washer and add a minimum quantity of a good soap powder or cleaner.
  2. Do not forget to take off the shoelaces before putting white canvas into the washer, as the laces might get stuck inside the washing machine and disturb its functioning.
  3. Operate the washer at a slow rate using normal water. The hot water can disrupt the sticking agent and might result in patches and depigmentation of the washing machine.
  4. Dry up your clean white canvas shoes in the air completely, and then put on the laces back to them. The cleaning of your white canvas shoes is all done, and they look brand new, just like before.

Although it is the easiest and fastest way to clean up your white canvas shoes, try not to be addicted to it. Using this hack for easy cleaning of white canvas shoes repetitively might end up wearing out your boots much earlier than its expected life. So, take out more of your time and go with the hand-washing technique to clean up your white canvas shoes.

Hence, cleaning white canvas shoes is not a troublesome task. Now you know how to clean white canvas shoes quickly and what steps you have to take to get those bright white canvas shoes of yours. When we have a busy routine and cannot track some time for following these steps, the shortcut is the best. Just put your favourite but stained white canvas shoes in the washing machine and swing them up. Also, don’t forget to dry them properly; otherwise, your boots might smell bad on sunny days.

If you are free, this is also an excellent activity to work on because we feel calm when we give some of the time to our favourite things. No matter what method you choose to clean white canvas shoes, remember that, a neat appearance reflects your type of person. So, don’t forget to clean them up starting today!

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