Oxford Nylon VS Polyester: Which One Is Better?



The oxford cloth is divided into two categories: one is nylon oxford, while the other is polyester oxford. Both the fabrics contain different advantages, disadvantages, and specifications. Also, each fabric consists of some beneficial attributes that make it different from others.

When buying oxford clothes, many questions come to the buyer’s mind, like Is Oxford nylon or polyester? What is the difference between nylon and polyester oxford? Which is more waterproof, nylon or polyester? Which is more expensive, nylon or polyester? and other. Here we have written an informative guide for you to answer all your queries and help you understand the difference between oxford nylon and oxford polyester fabric. So, check out the below information and clear all your doubts.

What is Polyester Oxford?

Oxford cloth is mainly manufactured with polyester and nylon (nylon). Polyester oxford has a light fabric, clear color point, resistance to twists and turns, good water resistance, anti-pull, anti-static, and fire-resistant features.

Polyester is divided into filaments. Similarly, the elastic wire is further divided into high, medium, and low elastic wires, the polyester low elastic fiber is curled, and the high elastic fiber is straight.


  1. Polyester fiber is more potent than wool and cotton. That’s why most people consider oxford polyester when they want to invest in something durable and long-lasting.
  2. When it comes to elasticity, it’s more similar to wool. Also, the fabric offers ultimate wrinkle resistance. With oxford polyester, you don’t need to worry about wrinkles and iron the clothes. Its shape retention attribute is also on point; that’s why the fabric offers excellent ease to users.
  3. The fabric is resistant to heat. Similarly, it can ideally bear  -70 ° C to 170 ° C heat temperatures. This temperature is considered best in synthetic fibers’ thermal stability and heat resistance. One can wash the polyester fabric and dry clean without worrying about damage.
  4. Polyester offers acceptable insulation performance but a low moisture absorption rate. In contrast, its low moisture absorption attribute generates significant static electricity. In addition, the absorption of dyes is not on point. Hence, for dyeing purposes, high temperatures and high-pressure dyeing is required.
  5. The wear resistance provided by polyester oxford fabric is not so good, whereas other materials like nylon have more wear resistance properties.
  6. Unlike other expensive fabrics, polyester oxford is budget-friendly and offers reasonable price rates; that’s why most people invest in such affordable cloth.

What is Nylon Oxford Cloth?

The nylon oxford fabric is a slightly lightweight and flexible material that consists of a urethane coating on one side. This coating makes the fabric durable and improves its water resistance. In addition, the oxford nylon fabric comes in numerous colors and varieties that many users can opt for different purposes. Hence, the fabric is high quality, durable, and light.


1.    Nylon is a light fabric, and the weight of the goods produced from this fabric will be lighter than other fabrics, which is more convenient for traveling purposes

2.    Its hygroscopicity is quite good among other synthetic fiber fabrics. Similarly, the fabric offers outstanding breathability and comfort to the users.

  1. Nylon fabric is considered one of the most durable and demanded fabrics globally. Most people trust this fabric because of its long-lasting features.
  2. The flexibility and elasticity that nylon oxford offer is excellent. However, the downside is it’s easy to deform under external force. But, if you keep the fabric with care and protection, the problem can be solved.
  3. Nylon fabric is twice expensive as compared to polyester. Therefore, it is hard for most users to buy this material; however, investing in oxford nylon can offer long years of durability.

Nylon Oxford Fabric Vs. Polyester Oxford Fabric

Above, we have shared the main details of polyester oxford and nylon oxford fabrics and their characteristics. In this section, we will describe the difference between oxford and polyester is? So, read on and check the below details.

Sensory Difference

The polyester oxford fabric is more glossy and bright than the nylon fabric. But when it comes to softness and smoothness, nylon fabric is always on top. In comparison, polyester is relatively rough and rugged.

Water Resistance

The water resistance feature is available in polyester and nylon fabric, whereas polyester fabric is most efficient and performs well. Its moist absorbing technology is way better than nylon and offers outstanding comfort.


Nylon is highly comfortable because of its soft feel and lightweight, but the fabric cannot last long when it comes to durability. However, polyester is robust and can quickly go for long years.

Ease of Use

The polyester is a little bit rough but is a wrinkle-free fabric that offers more ease while traveling. In contrast, nylon is dependent on frequent ironing that sometimes can be pathetic for users to handle.


Because of the soft feel of nylon, it’s more comfortable and flexible than polyester fabric.


One of the significant differences between polyester oxford and nylon oxford cloth is combustion. The white smoke of nylon oxford is quite strong. Similarly, the black smoke of polyester material is intense. When burning the nylon in fire, the fabric quickly melts and shrinks. In addition, the fabric burns in the shape of bubbles and drops and doesn’t cause any flame. Also, once the fabric leaves the flame, it is hard to continue burning it. Additionally, while burning, the fabric emits a celery smell. After the combustion of nylon, when the material cools down, the light brown melt is effortless to grind.

The polyester fabric is effortless to ignite, melting and shrinking near the flame. At the burning time, polyester emits black smoke and shows yellow flame. Also, it releases an aromatic smell while burning. Additionally, it leaves hard block black brown ashes that can easily be twisted after flaming.


Nylon fabric offers terrific quality and durability. That’s why it is more expensive than polyester. At the same time, the polyester oxford cloth comes at affordable rates with satisfying quality.

Is Oxford Nylon or Polyester? Final Verdict

Both discussed fabrics, oxford nylon, and oxford polyester, contain numerous features and functions. Choosing one over the other is difficult because both fabrics have their advantages and are helpful in their way. Whereas, we have done detailed research on both fabrics and come to the point that some of the characteristics of polyester fabric are great, like its affordable price, water-resistant feature, and durability. In comparison, nylon offers excellent wear resistance, a soft feel, and moisture absorption qualities. But, you need to pay a bit more to purchase the oxford nylon fabric. Therefore, it is always essential for users to buy one more suitable for them. The one that suits your needs is better, and it’s not about what features the fabric contains but how much you find the fabric comfortable and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is More Expensive, Nylon or Polyester?

Polyester oxford is less expensive than nylon oxford when the specifications and post-processing conditions are used. The strength, color, moisture absorption, and hand feel of nylon are no doubt better than polyester. However, the price is twice as high as polyester. The price-performance ratio of polyester oxford is better than nylon.

What Season Is Polyester Worn In?

Polyester is a fabric that can be worn in cold seasons like winters spring. However, most people consider this fabric for summer too. In the summer, wearing a polyester shirt or dress is a no-no because polyester is both water-resistant and warm. The fabric’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is wrinkle- and damage-proof.

Is Polyester Good for Winter?

Yes, polyester is a good fabric for winter, and it can ideally keep you warm and dry in cold weather. But, you can also wear polyester in other seasons too. Polyester is an all-weather fabric because of its weave and manufacturing process. When deciding whether or not to wear a thick multilayered single item or a thin shell on top of other layers, there are many factors to consider.

Does Polyester Keep You Warm?

Yes, polyester fabric is one of the moisture-wicking fabrics that ideally keeps the perspiration away from the wearer’s skin. Similarly, it is perfect to wear in winters as it can absorb moisture and keep the wearer warm in cold weather.

Which is More Waterproof, Nylon or Polyester?

Both polyester and nylon oxford fabrics are waterproof. However, polyester is more efficient. In addition, polyester water-resistant qualities are high because of the number of threads. But, it’s not fully waterproof unless it’s manufactured with a special waterproof coating.

Is Polyester Cooler Than Nylon?

As mentioned earlier, polyester is a bit warm and suitable fabric to wear in winters. Similarly, that means it is not the one that keeps you cool. On the other hand, nylon is lightweight and soft. Similarly, it’s cooler than polyester fabric and ideal for summer wear. Also, it offers soft feels and comfort that keep one cool and comfortable at the same time.

Hope you like this article; if you still have any doubts about this topic, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. We will surely answer all your queries.


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