Best Oxford Shirt Men Categories 2021 | How to Choose the Perfect Oxford Shirt?


Nothing is complicated for us in today’s world, whether it is doing math, managing homes, running businesses, or even cooking food. We are also good at shopping and buying a lot of good stuff for ourselves. But, when it comes to carrying all those dresses on ourselves, we get stuck and end up messing with our elegant sense of dressing.

For ages, some masterpieces always stood out regardless of whatever challenges they faced. Oxford shirt men are unique and elegant pieces of clothing that suit you no matter what event you want to attend or what season it’s going on. Oxford cloth button-down (OCBD) white shirts are among the most popular best men’s shirts used to mark stylish men’s shirts worldwide.

What Is An Oxford Shirt? What’s So Unique!

Back in the Century 19th,local mills of Scotland tried new experiments to produce original fabrics using various weaving methods. Surprisingly, four cloth types were made and named after the best reputable universities of that time: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale.
Although three of these four types backed down in the world of styles, Oxford cloth won the challenges over time. The famous brand of men’s wear in the United States, Brooks Brothers, since old times are the enormous support in the fabric and styles of Oxford cloth shirts.

The speciality of oxford style shirt men to cover casual and casual business events makes it the best men’s shirt in today’s era.

Even though Oxford Cloth Button Down shirts are named, every oxford style shirt does not contain a collar for fitting the shirt. However, men’s shirt with collar is more casual with elegant styles (oxford shirt with collar is more shape oriented) and is still called Oxford style shirt is made from oxford cloth.

Best men’s oxford shirt will benefit you in every season, be it the coldest season of the year or the hottest summer. If it’s winter, you can cover up your oxford button-down shirt with coats and jackets. And if it’s summer, feel accessible to show off your stylish oxford shirt casually. All you need is to dress well!

Oxford Shirt Or Dress Shirt – What to Wear?

In the 1800s, formal men’s shirts were very costly. That was the time when the first oxford cloth style shirt was introduced into the market. It came out as the best option for the middle class to buy low-cost oxford shirt men. Dress shirts are formal and made from fine cloth, whereas the oxford button-down shirts are thick woven fabric. In addition, dress shirts have stiffer collars than buttoned collars of oxford shirts.

Regular dress shirts are stiffer than soft oxford cloth shirts. The Oxford shirt is a solid selection, a little more formal than weekend men’s shirts casual, and a safer option when choosing something

A proper dress shirt should be considered when you are thinking of carrying a suit to an event. It is difficult to maintain an oxford style shirt with other combinations except for a blazer alone. Therefore, one should also consider other replacements.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Oxford Shirt Men

Everyone should have at least one piece of oxford cloth shirt and if you ask why then here some fundamental reasons are mentioned below which you cannot avoid when you are going shopping for yourself.

Suitable With EverythingOxford shirt men suit well with jeans, chinos, and pants. It can easily match any sweater, bomber, or jacket without much thought. Oxford cloth shirts go with anything but are careful to check them with a full suite ever that’s a bit risky.
Greater Comfort LevelWe don’t like to think of carrying our best shorts with a dress shirt on a holiday as it seems odd. However, you can take oxford shirts confidently on almost any day as your best clothing choice.
Longer Lives and DurabilityBest oxford shirts have a thick weaved cloth with much durability that it will take a very long time for shirts to wear out, no matter how much you use them. Oxford shirts men are famous among producers by the name of ‘Shirts for Everyday.’

4 Major Categories Of Best Oxford Shirt Men 2021

The oxford shirts for men can mix and blend into almost every type of event and dressing style. You can comfortably wear a single oxford casual shirt to a formal occasion as well as to a party event. We cannot get such easiness of choice with many numbers of men’s clothing brands.

There are four major categories in which the best oxford shirts men are divided depending on the occasion you have to carry them on confidently.

The More Formal Type

Oxford OCBD dress shirts are more casual as compared to formal dress shirts. However, formalizing these stylish men’s shirts is no big job if you know how to suit and carry them well.

The Oxford casual shirt for men is not that formal. Therefore, you need to choose colors with increased contrast to look more formal when dressing up. Like, the dark-coloured loafers, suit, and tie will suit best with the white oxford shirt.

The Formal to Informal Type

For a long time, the business style was much formal than a casual men’s clothing style. But, with time, the environment around business events has become more uncomplicated and comfortable, making it easy to carry a casual oxford shirt as business casual clothing to formal events.

The Oxford button-down shirt suits best for a business casual event. However, to stand out as adequately dressed, you need to blend your shirt with the proper clothing pieces.

The Easygoing Type

With your daily routine outside activities, oxford casual shirts are a gift. Maybe these men’s shirts were made to ease the trouble of dressing every single time to go out for a bit of time.

An intelligent choice for easygoing is a denim-touch blue oxford shirt that goes best with faded brown cotton pants. It is just one example; countless combinations and contrasts can be experimented with to find your favorites among all those classic oxford style shirts for men.

The Weekend Type

You don’t always need to go for the most worn-out and stained clothing on your day off. It is pretty refreshing to style some cozy look on your weekend with the best oxford shirt men. Create a style of your own to enjoy your day at home with happy vibes surrounding you.

Get your trainers and a simple upper that will level up your style. A bright Oxford shirt, cool jacket, and sneakers will be a perfect off-duty dressing style.

How To Choose a Perfect Men’s Oxford Shirt?

Whenever we go shopping and buy a men’s shirt, we commonly do not know what to look for before getting it into our cart. It may not look like a big deal, but it’s essential to figure out. If you don’t get the perfect item for yourself, you may have to invest in it later. The cloth may wear out. The size may need tailoring taking more money, and the color might not suit you or any other issues.
These five factors are noticed when you want to buy a perfect men’s oxford shirt:  

Cloth Material

Best Oxford cloth shirts made from pure cotton are long-lasting, breathable, and a lot more comfortable to wear. However, the other materials are mixed with artificial fibers like polyester. It is not natural to find the difference between the two with naked eyes. Staying calm and relaxed at higher degrees and feeling comfortable, soft-touch is the quality of the best Oxford shirts of pure cotton.

Color Contrast

The selection of color differs from person to person based on individual color complexions and personal interests. Where to begin from is a question to everybody. However, some shades in men’s Oxford shirts are considered the ideal contrast for almost any type of individual. They are also the most widely and majorly used color types of best Oxford shirts. These include a white oxford shirt, sky blue oxford shirt, and pink oxford shirt. Keeping your Oxford cloth shirt striped or plain is wholly your choice to make.


Oxford shirts unique cut, fit, and formality is the ideal feature to attract and comfort all the men using them. The good thing, in particular, is neither too appropriate to look under-sized nor too loose to appear oversized. The Oxford-style shirt should go along your figure and not disturb the structure of your body.

Collar Design

There are mixed reviews over the selection of roll collar and straight collar. Many people prefer roll collars in menswear, but many also consider straight collars good because of their precise stitch. Although they are made from the original oxford fabric, the Oxford-style shirts used as formal clothing do not have buttoned collars.


There’s a common saying that applies to men’s clothing, “Devil is in the detail.” We enjoy different casual Oxford shirts with cuffs buttoned normally. We try not to use the less familiar cuffs of French origin. And to tighten them properly, mother-of-pearl buttons make it easy due to their deep contrast and more strong nature.

Most Common Colors For Oxford Shirt Men

Most commonly, Oxford shirts men prefer wearing are light blue oxford shirts or white oxford shirts. Some other colors mostly recommended are dark blue, navy blue, and black oxford shirts. Also, one of our favorites includes the contrast of dark jeans or khaki pants with a dark blue oxford shirt.

Keeping it brief, oxford style shirts have been a winning choice all over the market for a very long time. It has been almost two centuries since oxford cloth shirts are ruling the world of men’s clothing. It is also considered that oxford button-down shirts are the best type of men’s casual shirts available. Maybe, it is the first time you hear their name, but you undoubtedly have seen men around you wear oxford shirts at least once.

One must have an oxford cloth shirt in his wardrobe to solve what to wear on different occasions for casual, formal, semi-formal, or business simple dressing. All you need to do is get the perfectly-sized best men’s oxford shirt, and you are ready for almost any type of event heading your way.

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