What Is A Men’s Oxford Shirt?


If you’re not familiar with oxford cloth, what is it? For shirting fabrics, basketweave has long been a favorite among fashion-conscious men. The durability of the weave is a significant factor in its popularity. Denim and oxford cloth can both take a beating and look presentable over time. OCBDs, like your favorite pair of jeans, tend to get better with age. You can liken it to your college buddy who goes out every night but somehow gets an A on every test and never gets hungover despite it.

Although an Oxford Shirt is typically considered a type of dress shirt, it differs from a standard dress shirt in two ways: They frequently feature a button-down collar, which eliminates the issue of collars flopping around and lying flat and disappearing beneath the collar of a jacket.

Oxford shirts are available in various weights, so no matter where you live, you can find one that’s suitable for the weather. Typically, an OCBD is a medium to heavyweight Oxford, but many brands offer lighter options for warmer climates during the spring and summer months.

By weaving the cotton threads specifically that create textured rather than smooth Oxford cotton. The more traditional Oxford style is available, the more refined Prince Oxford has a tighter weave and an attractive sheen.

Oxford cloth button-down shirts do not all have collars with buttons attached to the shirt. The more brilliant styles (most of which use collar stays to maintain their shape) still qualify as Oxford shirts if they are made from the proper fabric, but those that don’t are inherently more casual.

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Why Do You Need An Oxford Shirt?

Adaptability, in a nutshell. The Oxford shirt is unmatched when suiting up for any occasion. You could wear one to a business meeting as well as a bar. This is one of the rarest clothing items.

If you wear it, that looks excellent open with a collar and cuffs, says Willis. Because men no longer have to dress in a suit all the time, “the Oxford has become [even] more popular.”

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How To Wear An Oxford Shirt For Different Dress Codes?

An Oxford shirt collection is a lifesaver when getting dressed for any occasion!


While Oxford cloth isn’t as fancy as poplin or pique weaves, you can still wear it with a suit if you know how to style it.

Gilfillan suggests dressing up an Oxford shirt with high-contrast colors since it isn’t the most formal shirt. For example, a navy cotton suit and oxblood loafers are complemented by a white Oxford shirt and burgundy knit tie.”

Business Casual

Even though business casual and formal wear haven’t always been synonymous, the trend is growing in popularity as workplace dress codes loosen.

As Gilfillan points out, “a classic Oxford shirt is a must-have for any business casual wardrobe.” To avoid looking out of place, wear it with an unstructured blazer or with tailored separates.”

Smart Casual

Wearing smart casual attire for everyday tasks is the only way to get the job done. Oxford shirts were initially designed to meet the needs of those who find it challenging to adhere to dress codes. Choose a non-iron dress shirt to make your casual look that much easier.

This almost-denim blue top pairs well with sand chinos, but you can try it with plenty of other bottoms, and you can play with tucking it in and leaving it out.”


Relaxing doesn’t always mean wearing a hoodie or pizza-stained T-shirt. A button-down instead of a sweatshirt is an easy way to add a dash of sophistication when it comes to weekend attire.

Gilfillan says that all you need to do is replace your dress shoes with sneakers with a casual jacket, and you’re good to go. Wear a light Oxford shirt with jeans, a bomber jacket, and a pair of sneakers for this weekend look.

Buying Considerations

There is no substitute for the real thing among the essentials of a man’s wardrobe. If you want to ensure that your Oxford shirt is made from the suitable fabric, follow these tips when shopping for a new one.


In terms of comfort, breathability, and durability, only cotton-based Oxford shirts can match those made with artificial fibers like polyester. They may look identical. Oxford shirts made of pure cotton are also more comfortable to wear and better at keeping you cool in hot weather.


If you ask different menswear experts, they will recommend different starting points for your collection of Oxford shirts. However, everyone agrees that sky blue, white, and pink are the three colours every man should own. If your Oxford is striped or has a single colour, this rule still applies to you.


The appeal of the Oxford shirt is that it can be worn by anyone, no matter what their style might be. It’s essential to look for designs that aren’t too tight around your body, especially in the back, where the box pleat (a rectangular fold running down the middle of the back) is located.


In the absence of an interlining, the collar rests in a curved shape, which some menswear purists prefer, but straight collars (which, as you might expect, rest flat) are more formal for an Oxford shirt. In formal settings, button-down collared oxford shirts are the norm, although they are made of the correct fabric.

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Why Do You Need An Oxford Shirt?

Oxford shirts for men are a great alternative if you’re tired of wearing the same old plain, collarless shirt. It’s available in a wide range of hues and patterns. They’re also known for their adaptability. It’s OK to wear them with a button-down or sports coat.

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Is It OK To Tuck Shirt Into Jeans?

It should not cover your bottom or be longer than the fly of your pants/jeans at the front if you want to leave the shirt out of the equation. Tuck it in if it’s longer than this. Untucked, this Oxford shirt is the perfect length.

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Is Oxford Shirt Casual?

In recent years, the Oxford shirt has become more popular as a buttoned collar shirt than for its weave or shirt fabrics. Many people now make Oxford shirts from polyester, but only 100% cotton can provide the long-lasting comfort and quality you expect from an Oxford shirt.

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